Penrith City Council – DiG Digital Marker Space

I was fortunate enough to be accepted into the new Penrith City Council DiG Space Residency, which is a program that helps promote creatives, from all fields, to work together on commercial product/s.

scene6fusion 1

The group consisted  a mentor (David Clarkson), 3 composers (Peter Jovie, Peter Long, Me-Lee Hay ) a videographer (Adam McPhilbin) and a graphic designer (myself). We worked on a brief outlining the importance of heat radiation impacting Penrith and surrounding suburbs, moreover, creating an awareness to the populace of the importance and benefits of trees and parklands.

The three composers all created original pieces depicting environmental elements, which were natural forests, urban/industrial and a fusion of both.

urban1landscape scifi

With the soundscapes created, visual elements were created from these pieces. the videographer highlighted the nature and fusion, whereas I focused on the urban/industrial.

What I wanted to create was a way to visualise heat radiation and visual distortions. The animation/film is a combination of footage taken from a train trip into Penrith City (Australia) and artistic graphic treatments, which could resemble looking through a thermal camera. I utilised particular design trends, both Glitch and Vapourwave, to have a 80’s feel, a more gritty urban grind.

scene5landscape scifi2

For other animations that I have created, please visit my YouTube channel here


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