I’m a fan of Glitch and Vapour-wave design, however I am not limited to this style. I have been experimenting with different styles and have found I always like to mesh trends together. Not only do I work in the digital realm, but also the physical, I love to paint with acrylic and have […]

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Textile Swatches

Being a Designer, I am always seeing patterns and repetition in my surrounding environment (nature or urban). I like to sketch out what I see, which I later replicate in Adobe Illustrator/ Photoshop. Sometimes I might be watching or reading something and suddenly get a burst of imagination, this can either lead to a pattern […]

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Part of my work being a Designer, is branding. This is usually encompasses liaising with the client to work out the direction and style they want, creative thinking and research,  and the developmental process. I work with various customers ranging from medical practitioners and the trades industry to music producers and artists. I am versatile […]

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The photography that I love to do, is Electric Transduction Photography, also known as electro-photography. This form of photography blends Kirlian Photography and Cymatics (sound vibration) fields to create wondrous landscapes, which stimulate the imagination to question scale and perspective. It was part of my Honour’s exegesis, which I completed at Western Sydney University, Landscapes of […]

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